Being the light
instead of working the light

This is a circle for all light-keepers. Now a days it´s so important to stand in your light and to shine.

The chaos in the world is forcing us to stay grounded and settled. 
Our inner light is helping us to do so.

By connecting deeper to our own light, our own truth and wisdom our light will shine brighter.
So just by living our light we will light the path for others.

"Don´t you know yet? It´s your Light that lights the World!" - Rumi


During this meditation we´ll connect with our own light and the groups energy- field.

So many changes are happening at this time and transformation is easy. Even if we transform old patterns. Thats the reason I think that lightworker will become an old word. Now it´s about living your light. Shining your light and the rest will follow.

"And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others."

- Marianne Williams

We´ll meet every wednesday and mostly every sunday at 8:30h till 9:00h at zoom.
There we´ll create the circle. If you want to join but you can´t be online at this time, you can watch the meditation afterwarts. You´ll get the recordings per mail in the morning.
Als time and space do not exsist, you will feel the same energy even a day later. 

For one month I ask 12,-€.

If you want to join klik the link below. That leeds you to the shop and afterwarts you´ll get the link for this month.


From a very young age I had the ability to sense energies from others. As a young child I thought that those strange feelings where my own.


Through several studies (psychosynthesis, constallationwork and aurahealing) I learned to put these energies in there place and use them as a very powerful tool in my work.

In a session I know precisely where to find your bottleneck and what to do about it. This leads you to fast and lasting results that will help you on your path.

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